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Why wouldn't you want to EV train as soon as possible? Leaving EV training until later makes no difference whatsoever.

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The prime methods of leveling a Pokemon up without gaining EVs are not very abundant, but I'll list the ones I know of.

  1. Using Rare Candies on a Pokemon will level it up, but the Pokemon will gain no EVs.

  2. Placing a Pokemon in the Day Care will get it levels (albeit much slower) without giving it EVs. If you do this, it's good to walk around a lot, as Pokemon in the Day Care gain 1 Exp point per step taken.

  3. Hack for it

  4. As Blaziken said, you can just use it regularly and then strip it of EVs via berries when it is at the appointed level, this however is unreliable without hacking, as the berries are not easy to obtain without an AR.

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Depends. If he has Black/White 2 he can get some daily from the Join Ave shops.
You can only get certain EV berries from Join Avenue that are dependent on your version, not all. And you also need a level 10 Florist to be able to buy any.

In B2W2, you can buy 5 of a random EV berry daily from a PKMN breeder on Route 5, or get them from Dream World.
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you can level it up like normal and use the EV reducing berries and start EVs over again

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