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Say if you had a Corviknight. You got it the right amount of EV's in each stat and you are happy. You plan to use it for ranked battles in Sw/Sh. Do you have to level it up to level 100? (By the way I have not trained any Pokemon in EV's yet, I just want to make sure).

Do u mean that does it have to be Lv 100 to have all the effects of those evs? If so, yes.
It's for pokem pelago but it is the same for all evs I believe

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The stat formulas look like this.

You can see that max EVs can raise a stat at every level. At higher levels, you need less EVs to raise a stat by 1 point.

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Sorry, thanks for answering, but could you please explain it to me without the math?
EVs and stats are numbers. How can I explain numbers without math?
No, I mean I find what you put too complicated for me to understand. Could you please put it to me a bit more simply? Thanks!
A calculator is a good tool if you don't want to do math: https://calc.pokemonshowdown.com/
If you get a level 1 Tyrogue with 0 IVs and EVs and a neutral nature, then its HP is 11, and all other stats are 5. If you put 252 EVs into any stat, then it increases by 1. So EVs can take effect at any level.
However, a level 1 Tyrogue's stat needs 120 EVs to increase by 1, and any more EVs have no effect. At level 100, a stat will keep increasing until it has 252 EVs. If you want a fast attacking level 1 Tyrogue, then the best spread is probably 120 Atk/120 Def/120 SpD/120 Spe, while the best spread for a fast attacking level 100 Tyrogue is probably 252 Atk/4 Def/252 Spe. So you'll want different EV spreads for different levels.