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e.g. Marill Used to Evolve at Level 18, Now its 20.


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Well if it isn't Jojo :3

Anyhow no Pokemon's level of evolution has been postponed or done earlier, including Marrill. Marrill has always evolved at lv.18 and will probably still evolve at lv.18 in the future. If you have faced this then the following reasons should inlighten you :3

The main possibilities
- You are using a ROM and your ROM is acting up (ROMS tend to contain a lot of bugs, js)
- Marrill reached lv.20 during battle and then evolved
- You had mistaken Azurill for Marrill. Your Azurrill hasn't reached max happiness and has therefore not evolved into Marril which means no Azumarrill
- Your safe file my contain minor bugs

This is all I can think of right now

I have had various sources including Serebii, however I can't post any sources because I am using my 3DS right now ¬.¬.

Hope this was of any use to you :3

o.O do i run,? do i hide? D:

einiwies it probably just reached 20 ina battle then evolved. Also u still havent answered my question
Yes, I have, I said that no other Pokemon has had their level of evolution postponed
Actually, there are Pokemon whose evolutions have changed. E.g. Feebas in Gen V requires to be traded with a Prism Scale, since the "high beauty" condition doesn't exist.
Feebas was the other example i was gonna use. Silly Jojo