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Here is the list of Pokèmon that gets type-modification after evolution

Note: I excluded mega evolutions because they are temporary and It cannot be considered as an evolution but a form change.

Layout : Evolved Pokèmon{form}(Type attained by evolution)(type1 gets replaced by type2)

  1. Charizard (Flying)
  2. Butterfree (Flying)
  3. Alolan Raichu (Psychic)
  4. Nidoqueen (Ground)
  5. Nidoking (Ground)
  6. Alolan Ninetales (Fairy)
  7. Bellossom(Poison removed)(Grass type)
  8. Poliwrath(Fighting)
  9. Galarian Rapidash (Fairy)
  10. Galarian Slowbro (Poison)
  11. Dewgong (Ice)
  12. Cloyster (Ice)
  13. Steelix (Rock gets replaced by Steel)
  14. Alolan Exeggutor (Psychic gets replaced by Dragon)
  15. Alolan Marowak (Fire/Ghost)
  16. Galarian Weezing ( Fairy)
  17. Kingdra(Dragon)
  18. Starmie(Psychic)
  19. Galarian Mr. Mime (Fairy gets replaced by Ice)
  20. Scizor (Flying gets replaced by Steel)
  21. Gyarados (Flying)
  22. All Eeveelutions (Normal gets replaced by any one among Water,
    Electric, Fire, Psychic, Dark, Grass, Ice, Fairy)
  23. Dragonite (Flying)
  24. Togetic (Flying)
  25. Marill(Normal gets replaced by Water)
  26. Forretress(Steel)
  27. Magcargo (Rock)
  28. Tyarintar (Ground gets replaced by Dark)
  29. Combusken (Fighting)
  30. Marshtomp (Ground)
  31. Beautifly (Flying)
  32. Dustox(Poison)
  33. Nuzleaf (Dark)
  34. Gallade (Fairy gets replaced by Fighting)
  35. Masquerain (Water gets replaced by Flying)
  36. Breloom(Fighting)
  37. Ninjask (Ground gets replaced by Flying)
  38. Shedinja (Ground gets replaced by Ghost)
  39. Probopass (Steel)
  40. Vibrava (Dragon)
  41. Cacturne (Dark)
  42. Altaria (Normal gets replaced by Dragon)
  43. Crawdaunt (Dark)
  44. Froslass (Ghost)
  45. Salamence (Flying)
  46. Torterra (Ground)
  47. Monferno (Fighting)
  48. Empoleon(Steel)
  49. Bibarel (Water)
  50. Mothim(Flying)
  51. Wormadam{Plant cloak}(Grass)
  52. Wormadam{Sandy cloak}(Ground)
  53. Wormadam{Trash cloak}(Steel)
  54. Gastrodon (Ground)
  55. Lucario(Steel)
  56. Drapion(Bug gets replaced by Dark)
  57. Pignite(Fighting)
  58. Excadrill(Steel)
  59. Palpitoad (Ground)
  60. Escavailer (Steel)
  61. Chesnaught (Fighting)
  62. Delphox (Psychic)
  63. Greninja (Dark)
  64. Diggersby (Ground)
  65. Fletchinder (Normal gets replaced by Fire)
  66. Vivillon(Flying)
  67. Pangoro(Dark)
  68. Dragalge(Water gets replaced by Dragon)
  69. Decidueye(Flying gets replaced by Ghost)
  70. Incineroar(Dark)
  71. Primarina(Fairy)
  72. Charjabug(Electric)
  73. Crabominable(Ice)
  74. Hakamo-o(Fighting)
  75. Solgaleo (Steel)
  76. Lunala (Ghost)
  77. Nagandel (Dragon)
  78. Corviknight (Steel)
  79. Dottler (Psychic)
  80. Drednaw (Rock)
  81. Carkol (Fire)
  82. Hatterene (Fairy)
  83. Urshifu{Single Strike Style}(Dark)
  84. Urshifu{Rapid Strike Style}(Water)
  85. Galarian Slowking (Poison)

Thank you!

Source: My experience and this site!

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