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I bought a copyof Pokemon Platinum last night, and it was used. It had a saved file in it, and it still exists. Why? Because the previous owner of this game seriously helped me on my quest to get legendaries that are hard to get. When I got the game, I decided to investigate the file before deleting it and starting my own game. This person had an Arceus, a Shaymin, a bunch of shinies, and according to the Pokedex, he had Pokemon such as Mew and Celebi in the game. Anyways, the game carries key items from events to get a Pokemon I really want that he did not leave in the game for me, Darkrai. He caught Darkrai, but unlike Arceus and Shaymin, he didn't leave it in this game. I still have the member card though, and I was wondering if there was any way I can get Darkrai? I have the key to get him, but I can't. Do I need to do the elite four? Do I need to use some type of cheat to successfully save it and use it again when I restart the game with my own file? Will I not be able to get Darkrai whatsoever? Do I need an action replay for it (which I don't currently have.)? I have the key item to get him, and I'd feel pretty upset if I wouldn't be able to use it because Darkrai is such a cool Pokemon and would make a great edition to my legendaries collection.

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You're lucky you know? I wish I brought the copy of Platinum, same as you.

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According to the source, Darkrai can be rebattled if the previous owner fainted or ran away from the Darkrai. Along with Arceus. If he/she caught it, you can't get it back again.

Note the source may be incorrect, since he did post a little doubt at the end.
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