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So about 2 days ago I was on Wonder Trade and I got an Event Darkrai that says its from Pokemon the movie 14 and its Shiny so I want to know if it is rare or not. Please Help me out. Thanks! -Mega Electivire

Who'd give ya dat?
All I get though WT is dumb Zigzagoons and Wurmples but you get A SHINY EVENT DARKRAI? THAT ITSELF IS RARE :P
My friend got a Shiny Shaymin from a wonder trade. I mean, like, that is INSANE!

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It is currently unavailable and was only available for a limited time which does indeed make it pretty rare!

Bare in mind that there is still a chance that the Darkrai you received is either cloned or hacked.

Hope I helped!

Source: Serebii

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Movie 14 Darkrai can not be shiny, meaning that it was altered by Powersaves. It is a little bit less expensive, but hey! It's a Darkrai, not a Ziggzagoon. Most event collecters won't take it. But a lot people would trade their soul for a Darkrai, legit or not.