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so recently I powersaved a darkrai and solgaleo they dont have perfect ivs or any of that crap but when I try using them in free battles it says there is a problem with one or more Pokemon in my party my darkrai knows dark void, dream eater, dark pulse and phantom force and its holding a scope lense and my solgaleo knows flare blitz, iron head, fire blast and zen headbutt please help me with my problem

Is your Darkrai specifically PowerSaved to be from the XY event that gave it Phantom Force? Any other Darkrai with Phantom Force will not be accepted.
Idk probz cuz der Hacked *cough*
no astronautical its not the xy one its the febuary 2015 one and any pokemon i powersave cant do free battles for some reason

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They didn't pass hackcheck. Genning in Pokemon with powersaves usually doesn't pass hackcheck, so I usually use Pokegen and Homebrew.

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does that mean i wont be able to use any powersaved pokemon?
When I used powersaves, it didn't let me use ones that you hatch. editing other pokemon worked though.
so if i change the moves of the powersaved pokemon will i might be able to use them i just want to have fun
I'm not sure, did the pokemon appear in a box or did you have to hatch it?
if it doesnt work at all, then what i would do is get the pokemon, then edit it with powersaves. with evs you need to reset all of them first before putting them in.
(ps: sorry it took me a bit to comment, i was in a hotel with poopy wifi)