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Okay, so a friend of mine and I have been battling with different teams, and I decided to try out using a Kecleon I have. But for some reason, she can't be used. I don't know what could be the issue. Here are details about her:

-Her name is "Where"
-She was caught in a Safari Ball
-Her HP is 124
-Her attack is 110
-Her defense is 71
-Her Sp. Attack is 73
-Her Sp. Defense is 118
-Her Speed is 47
-She has a lonely nature
-Her ability is Color Change
-She has no held item
-Her moves are Ice Beam, Screech, Trick Room, and Sucker Punch

I know for a fact I haven't hacked her what-so-ever, so what gives?

Where did you get it?
The only way Kecleon can be caught in a safari bal is if someone transferred it from Pokemon Platinum and I think
some pokebank pokemon cant be used in online battles, I dont have a source for this nor am I 100% sure, so I wont answer yet.
Probably the same problem as this, as in both questions the Pokemon are transferred through Pokebank.
https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/1w1m2d/games_turns_out_all_pokebank_pokemon_are_banned/ Pokebank Pokemon are disallowed in ranked battles. This is just a battle done through local Wi-Fi so I don't think Pokebank is the issue here.

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As Indigo said in a comment. The problem is that Pokemon Bank; Pokemon are not allowed for online ranked play in SM.

(Here is the link Indigo posted) This Link./