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When I try to use this Pokemon on battle spot if always gives me this message: There is a problem with your participating Pokemon.

This is the Pokemon:



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I cannot seem to see what's wrong. Are you sure your Bayleef is the problem? Have you used a hacking tool like Powersave?
Yes i'm sure it's Bayleef and yes I did use Powersave but I see a lot of people using it and using the pokemons online
Justbecause they use it doesnt mean all pokemon can go through. Retry it with a different Bayleef
Sure i'll try it again
I'm using wonder card slot 1 codes - fake wonder cards - Wondercard pokemon modifier maybe that is why it doesn't work
Just tried to make another bayleef still doesn't work
The games can occasionally detect powersave Pokemon if not done properly.

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If it is a hacked Pokemon it may not work. It often happens in trading or people attempting to fill there pokedex use hacked ones and it stops you from using them in battle

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