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Hey guys. This is my first question so I might be doing it wrong. Whenever I use Dunsparce in battle on ORAS I set the rule to special Pokemon:permitted and I can't use Dunsparce. Does anyone know why?
I don't know if this helps but here is some info on my Dunsparce.
She knows Double-Edge, Roost, Blizzard, and Earthquake.
She is a girl and is transferred from the Kalos region.
She is level 81.

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Do you know if it it's hacked?
Potential nickname problems?
What message does it give you?
^ that and probably tell us the item it was holding.
BTW that's a terrible dunsparce set. No offence,

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I'll put it through my safe hack check, if something is wrong then it will not be accepted as legal by Pokemon rules:

Legal Moves: Yes
Legal Name: (If it has a censored word in it in any way it will be censored or banned)
Legal EV's: If someone hacked it badly and it's EV total is over 510, it is illegal. Check super training to see EV's.
Legal Ability: Run away, serene grace, rattled only
Level caught at: Must be level 5 or 7 or bred
Place Caught at: Must be rout 22 or rout 3 for x/y
Item: If versing x or y must not have items introduced in oras such as red orb or blue orb
Did you use an AR?: If yes that's probably the problem if no, continue the list. If traded assume yes.
Does it have a pentagon?: If it is from kalos it should have a blue pentagon in it's "Status" bar (it shows shiny status and pokerus status)

Hope the check-list helps!

Whoa When i added up his stats is equaled 882! and his super training is maxed out!How do i fix this? and it's only level 81!
OK, wow this is a very bad hack, well mash the black bag in super training with a spare spot for a bag, look for a bag called a reset bag and use it. Hopefully that should fix it. But because this was badly hacked, i would recommend releasing it. Hopefully it has no side effects but things like that can lag and even freeze your game when you view it's stats. Or possibly worse.
I couldn't  find a reset bag so I released it but thanks for the help! But one last question, if I breed it would the baby be hacked?
Dunsparce's stat total at level 81 could be anything from 783 to 936 (without any EVs). 882 is still a fair total of STATS.
Nope, the baby would be 100% legal
My Evs are really high plus I'm already training a new dunsparce