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I Try To go Into a Dynamax Battle And it Says There Is a Problem With your party Pokemon and you are unable to battle, It says this every time I get one of my mons to level 100, I'm trying to grind new team members. Here is My team right now

I Just got this to lvl 100 Ash

Ash Pikachu From there own Nintendo Direct Code
Quick Attack
Iron Tail
Volt Tackle

Inteleon lvl 100
Snipe Shot
Hydro Cannon
Ice beam

Lucario lvl 54
Aura Sphere
flash Cannon
Ice Punch

Snorlax lvl 60
High Horsepower
Body Slam
Thunder Punch
Zen Headbutt

Shiny Gardevoir lvl 100
future sight
dream eater

Celebi 1v1 100
Leaf Storm
Life dew
Dazzling Gleam

Please Help I Transferred Celebi and Gardevoir from Sun and Moon I didnt do any hacking

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Did you trade any of those 3 Pokemon?
Any duplicate items?
Only My Gardevoir From Ultra Sun

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If the Pokemon you are trying to use are in a battle team, you can use them in a max raid battle. not sure why, but if you take them off of the battle team temporarily, you will be able to use them in raid battles!

I realized I made a mistake! If you are talking about competitive battle, I believe you can only use Pokemon gotten in the Sw/Sh games or Pokemon who have a Battle-ready mark! that is most likely the problem, so if you can get those Pokemon from UsUm battle-ready marks(I don't remember how you get them exactly, but I know you get it at the battle tower) they can be used in competitive battles!

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