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Earlier today I was delighted to receive an Ability Capsule from the Battle Tower, only to be disappointed to find my Obstagoon's ability, Defiant, was its hidden ability, rather than Reckless. I was hoping to make a Guts Obstagoon, and I had the two mixed up. I went to look into more information on Max Raid Battles in general, and Bulbapedia gave me this:

some Dynamax Pokémon encountered in Max Raid Battles will have their Hidden Ability.

Their wording is either ambiguous or disheartening to hear. I've had Max Raid Battles with Pokemon who had regular Abilities (and captured them - one is a Heavy Metal Duraludon that is a permanent fixture in the party), but the way Bulbapedia words it makes it sound like some will always have it ("will" rather than "can").

So, are there Max Raids in which the Pokemon will always have their Hidden Ability? If so, is Obstagoon one of them? I really like the thing but I don't want to go Hyper Training a Wandering one just to get Guts, and would prefer faster training methods if they're available.


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According to everything I am reading, there is no guaranteeing that pokémon will get their hidden ability. According to a experiment I saw, there was about a 6% chance for the hidden ability to occur.
Source: https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/maxraidbattles.shtml

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Of course it's my rotten luck that pulls the unchangeable ability, on a great specimen nonetheless, when I don't want it.