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Like the questions says. Will I get banned? Because if I will then I'm gonna release my hacked Pokemon. I asked on a forum about my Pokemon and they said it was hacked. So will I get banned if I use it in online battles?

Here is the full details of the Pokemon I have

It is still possible to be legal, as those ribbons ARE available in ORAS, but I wouldn’t use it.

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It could be a 6IV Shiny Garchomp caught legit but I highly doubt it.

Having hacked Pokémon don’t really affect you online battling IF THE POKMEON CAN BE OBTAINED LEGIT.

In this case while it’s highly, highly unlikely that this Garchomp was actually obtained through regular gameplay, it’s entirely possible to get and hence won’t ruin you game.

As for getting banned,
Nintendo seems to have been chilling with their banning since the switch was released. —source:
Using shiny Keldeo in USUM online battles.

Don't mislead him. The truth is that their banning system is hella inconsistent.

According to the GameFAQs source given, there's a 100% chance this is hacked. It has a few ribbons that you can't get on it unless it was D/P/Pt origin, and there's evidence it came from Gen 6. Personally, I wouldn't risk it. It is otherwise legal other than a few ribbons it has, which wasn't mentioned here but only on the other source.
Yeah but trust me Nintendo’s hack checks don’t even check Ribbons. Most of them don’t even check if it’s in a legally possible pokeball. He’s 100% fine using that Garchomp.
Mmmmmm I don't know. I tend to err on the conservative side of things. They used to have more advanced software that would like check some very inclusive hacking footprint on the Pokemon. However, I don't know for sure if it works on hacked Pokemon that were DISTRIBUTED. It might be that there's no harm no foul if you weren't the one performing any hacks.

But again, I err on the side of caution. You can choose to heed my advice or not, I can't stop you.
Ever since Gen 6 Nintendo has been less concerned with banning players using hacked Pokémon (Because wonder trade, surprise trade etc) and mainly ban users running CFW instead.