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This is a long one. Haven't been on this forum in like 5 years. Since then I've been in school and stuff like that and while I'm in the middle of a Sapphire play though I haven't played anything after Y. Summer is almost over, and if the price was right I was gonna do a 3DS playthrough of one of the new games. I'm really into trading and interacting with people online so I was gonna wait for the new Switch ones, but when I remembered this site I figured I'd ask here. So in short, is the online community active enough in the 3DS community to justify buying one of the games or should I wait for the Switch? Thanks!


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The online Gen 6 community is still strong, and if you go on the game you will find a active GTS, Wonder trades, people to link trade with.

Gen 7 is very strong in terms of players online. Considering that it’s still the most recent Pokémon game people are still playing it. It’s quite worth it over waiting for SwSh.

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Pokémon LGPE is the most recent Pokémon game.

And i tried 5 times in the Battle Spot from USUM and I didn’t find anyone?
Battle spot on USUM is fine.
@SYL which mode? Rating? Singles?
Yeah basically there are still people online and the amount of people online should be just enough to be worth it.
Awesome! Now just decide which one!!
You can find people for almost free if you use Pokemon Showdown!.
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Just to be safe. Go with a Gen 7 game (Sun/Moon,USUM) because with the release of SwSh, Nintendo could pull the plug on WiFi any time in 2020z