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My friend has Pokémon Y and I have OmegaRuby, so I was wondering if we can have a online battle like that.

You can't use primals either

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You can have an online battle with a friend with both XY and ORAS, however there are a few restrictions on the person playing with ORAS:

  • You cannot have Pokémon that hold Mega Stones not released in XY (e.g. Sceptilite, Beedrillite)
  • You cannot use Pokémon with moves learnt in ORAS but not XY (e.g. Hyper Voice Sylveon)
  • You cannot use Pokémon with Abilities available in ORAS but not XY

Source 1: Experience
Source 2: Serebii

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So what happens if you have those
It just won't let you play.
It will give a message saying there's a Pokémon in your party that cannot compete.