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So if I puts one of the opponent's Pokemon to sleep, and then use Rest and Sleep Talk, and call a sleep-inducing move and put another of the opponent's Pokemon to sleep have I broken the Sleep Clause?

Also, another Sleep-Clause question: if I have already put one of the opponent's Pokemon to sleep and I use a move with a chance to induce sleep (e.g. Relic Song) and it does happen to inflict Sleep, have I broken the clause then?

Note: in both cases the previous Pokemon I put to sleep are still asleep.

I have never done either of these scenarios, but I am just wondering how it works.


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Yes you have. It doesn't matter through what method you put another opponent's Pokemon to sleep, as long as your Pokemon are the ones using a sleep inducing move, you've broken the sleep clause.

If, however, your opponent uses Rest on one of their own Pokemon, then no, you haven't broken it.

On Showdown, when you break the sleep clause, the sleep inducing move automatically fails.

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And relic song will never put the opponent to sleep
In-game, Sleep Clause is currently only enforced through honor system, so there's no way of preventing the second sleep except by not doing it.
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>A player may not put two of their opponent's Pokémon to sleep. This does not include the opponent using a move to put their own Pokémon to sleep like Rest.

So any move that induces sleep on your OWN Pokemon are completely fine - there is no limit to that

In regards to the second part, Sleep Clause will prevent the opponent from going to sleep even if the affect activates - at least for me it does - it goes 'Sleep Clause prevented bla bla bla' or something like that.