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This may sound like bragging, I have Pokemon White 2. While playing it I encountered a shiny Liepard(3/12/13). Then came the Throh and Scrafty(6/1/13). After that came Solrock(8/11/13)although this one was after I got the Shiny Charm. Also according to the pokedex I have seen a shiny Petilil. Is this average?

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Yes it is if you have the shiny charm.

Since you didn't have the shiny charm, then no, the rate of shinies is 1/8192, same as any game from Gen II onwards.

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Well... no. Good job! It's still a 1 in 8,000 chance to find a Shiny Pokemon.
Congratz. Lol. xD

Hope I helped. :)

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Hey kyuubi

The chances of encountering shiny-pokemon is also in this game 1 / 8192 or 0,0122 %. When you have cought all of the Pokemon in you national dex and show it to professor Juniper she will give you the Shiny Charm with increases the rate of finding a shiny Pokemon to 1/ 1024

hope I helped you

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