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I need info about the white forest from Pokemon white 1.

I never used entralink for going to a black city but today I found a leaf stone in my forest.

Do I get every day an item or what?

help me please!


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The characters within the area completely control the Pokémon and
items you will encounter within the area. This allows for every
experience to be different. In order to change the Pokémon and/or
trainers you encounter, you need to connect to Entralink with a
friend. Once you have done this, interact with the trainers in Black
City or the characters in White Forest while in the Entralink and they
will begin migrating into your version. If you go to Black City
through Entralink while playing White, the base form Pokémon of the
trainers you speak to will appear in White Forest and if you go to
White Forest while playing Pokémon Black, the wild Pokémon you
encounter in the game will cause the trainer with the fully evolved
forms to appear in your game. The items which are seen can be
purchased in the market of Black City at any time while the characters
are in your city. However, in White Forest, a random amount of items
is set every day from 0 to the number of characters you have in White
Forest so you can theoretically go days without them appearing on the
The Pokémon encountered within White Forest cannot be Repelled
and are all set at Level 5.

Everyday you will get a random item. However the chances of getting a good item will increase based on the number of characters you have in White Forest :)

Click on this link to see what items and Pokemon you will get through interaction with Black City


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