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I've been to the white forest but all thats there are trees no grass do I have to defeat the elite four or pass a certian point?


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Something must've happened to your game- Entralink.
It is either you/your friend took too much time in your/ your friend's world.

There is a way to solve it though.
You need to go to your friend's world and talk to someone in black city,they will go into your game. by the time you go back to your own world,there will be grass.

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To get trees and grass i nwhite forest yo umust have a friend with pokemon black

  1. Go to the etralink through cgear

  2. If your friend has black then if you go the portal you can go to his world. Talk to some characters in his black city and they will go to your game, making trees grow and making grass appear.

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Over time, the grass and trees in White Forest will disappear - the same happens to me. But as usual there's a resolution:

If you know someone with Pokemon Black and they are playing their game, go to the Entralink via the C-Gear (make sure Wireless is on if you're playing a 3DS). Enter the portar and head into the other players game. Go to the Black City, unlocked or not, and talk to some of the people there. With any luck, they'l turn up in your White Forest the next day.

In other words, you don't need any reqirements to 'expand' your White Forest - just someone you can steal residents from... :)

Hope this helps, and good luck!