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I can't go to Mossdeep city. I've defeated team magma and taken the meteroid, and I was at mt. Pyre. But I see no team aqua member stealing ship at Stateport city. What should I do?

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Edit: I can`t push away rocks. How to?

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To push away rocks, you need to utilize the move Strength
You can find Strenght by doing the following:

Before you can get strenght, you need to have Rock Smash which you can get from a guy in Mauville City(in a house)
Secondly go to Rustburo or Verdanturf
Enter the Rusturf tunnel and there should be a karate guy standing near breakable rocks.
Then use Rock Smash on the rocks. When you do this the man will be so happy on the way out of the tunnel he will give you the HM as thanks for letting him go see his girlfriend.

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>Take the Meteorite and give it to the Professor for TM 27 - Return.

Anyway when you say you've been to Mount Pyre, I assume that means you've beaten Norman, gotten Surf and everything.

>On Mt. Pyre, there's the Red Orb and the Blue Orb. One of the has been taken by Team M/A, depending on your version. The old lady will give you the other orb that hasn't been taken. Now fly to Slateport City.

Have you gotten the Orbs yet?

Anyway you can check a walkthrough here or here

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