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Queso the title may be a bit confusing so I'm gonna sum this up.

So the only 5th gem game I have right now is Pokemon White (not 2) because my frakin Labradoodle chewed up Black 2 to nothing (#don'tleavegamesonyournightstand). I would like to play wifi so I can play with some of the new users who don't have Showdown. That said, is White "up-to-date" to where I can play against users who use newer Pokemon like Landorus-T or the other Therians?

For example: Ben challenges me to a battle and he is using Landorus-T on his Black 2 team (I use Ben, as one of his favorite Pokemon in Lando-T) will it either

a.) Show up on my screen
b.) Have the same ability activate (Intimidate) and the same stats (145 Base Attack as opposed to 125)?

Get it? Great. He/she who answers correctly will receive BA and an upvote.

Pretty sure White can't battle White 2 o3o
Really? They're the same gen though...

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Ok so this will be so dumb because I got this off Yahoo but I looked every where so here goes:
>Yes, because both games are in Generation V. As such, you can battle, but certain Pokémon will not be permitted (White Kyurem, for example). SoulSilver and Diamond are both Generation IV games, and they can battle, but certain Pokémon like Giratina in its Origin Forme are not allowed. -Click here pls

Lel so White 2 person can't use a White 2 Pokemon but Pokemon from the White 1 can be used.

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Kay. I think my sister has White 2, though she doesn't play it...
So you gonna steal huh o3o!
Yeah why not.
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Hey Once

White is also a Gen V game so way not ? You just have to talk to the girl on the right in the upper lv in the PokeCenter. The Terian Forms of Tornadus. Thunderus and Landorus are onley obtaineble in B/W 2 but can also be displayed bij B/W.

hope I helped you

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