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Zapdos is in the power plant, and moltres is at mt. ember. just catch them exactly like you would articuno.
Moltres is north of the sevii islands, some islands south of kanto (must beat game first).

and get Zapdos by going to the power plant by going to route ten, going up until you get past the tall grass, where there is a break in the fence, beyond that fence is a river, go down that river, and the power plant is at the end.

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i can't get to the powerplant for some reason and i don't know where mt. ember is.
I am not champion but have 6 gym badges
oh thats important
let me check my sources
I'm late, you posted while I was typing XD why does that always happen to me? Also you need surf, and I think maybe fly to get  to  the power plant for Zapdos.
It happens to everybody who answers a lot. Just get used to it. :P
Sorry about that.
No big, I don't mind, just something that happens every once in a while that makes me laugh. I'm probably the slowest typer out there. XD
Actually I probably am.
Though I'm getting faster.
same for me, I'm getting faster at answering, I've been on a roll lately.
Back to the answer: there is no tall grass in route 10
Welp, found Zapdos, but everytime I get close to catching him he faints because he used struggle, so I gave up and tried to become champion.

It didn't work.
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In leaf Green it is mostly same as all of Generation 1:

Articuno is found in the Seafoam Islands as you should already know

Zapdos is found in the Power Plant

Moltres is different than the original games; find him here:

If you run or faint a bird your chance is lost forever unless you didn't save so then you can just reset the game.
Experience, and the links
Hope I helped :)

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