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Okay so today I found out that the Mewtwo in the new and upcoming Sixteenth Movie is a totally different one that appeared in the First Movie and TV Special. If anything I feel a little disappointed that Game Freak decided to create a brand new Mewtwo instead of having the original one in the new movie.

If they wanted to bring back Mewtwo, They should of had the Mewtwo from the First Movie, in this new movie battling against The Five Genesect instead of a new Mewtwo. As after the movie they could develop it into another Special with Giovanni and Team Rocket- As they could find out about Mewtwo in New Tork City (Setting for the new movie) and get their memory back. Also this could develop into a possible battle with Rayquaza, as Rayquaza is shown to be captured by Team Rocket at the start of Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. (Hate when moments like this just get left.)

The above paragraph is just a suggestion of how I would of personally brought back Mewtwo If I could so please don't vote me down for my personal opinions.

So anyway the question I'm asking here is: Why did Pokemon and Game Freak decide to create a new Mewtwo for the new movie instead of using the original one?

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It's a new Mewtwo, this is what it says on the bulbapedia source: "It has a similar background to the Mewtwo that appeared in Mewtwo Strikes Back, but is a distinct, separate individual". Also the youtube video shows it getting created.
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One question, what if they introduced the new mewtwo to introduce mega mewtwo y and they are going to make the original the x mega evolution? I'm not saying they are, but what if that were the case?

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Game freak probably made it a new mewtwo because it's a new Pokemon, and that's the way they wanted it . Also, I don't believe they'll do a crazy plot like you theorized. It's very complicated and I don't think they want to bring Giovanni back and a lot of the older Pokemon in the anime and movies unless they are part of the story or in the regional Poke'dex of the new X and Y games. Generation5 was suppose to be a reboot for the Pokemon franchise. This is just how I see Game Freak working things:(
Hope I helped!:)

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this is just my own theory about the matter. I did answer your question. :)
Fair point at least your the first to actually answer my question instead of saying I'm wrong and that the Mewtwo in the new movie is not new at all. However even though I am also aware Pokémon would never do a crazy plot like the one  I suggested it is a possibility as Giovanni has already been brought back in the Unova Series and has even battled against Ash and you got to like the sound of  a Mewtwo vs Rayquaza and Team Rocket fight, now that would be more interesting than the Genesect fight in my opinion. I'll give you a vote up for helping to answer my question :)
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My Illogical Theory

My illogical thought is that maybe they thought Mewtwo wasn't very 'legendary'.

Mewtwo was one of the first legendaries in the Pokemon series. There was Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, and then there was Mewtwo. Everyone knows Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno as the 'legendary bird trio', but who remembers Mewtwo? It wasn't part of anything special - it was just sitting there in Cerulean Cave waiting to defeat someone yet utterly fail in being enclosed in a PokeBall and possibly a PC for the rest of it's useless life.

The Legendary Bird Trio was actually part of the storyline of Kanto games (i.e., not Gen II and Gen IV remakes). Mewtwo was just an option as a challenge for whoever wanted to go through Cerulean Cave and get this awesomely yet mutated Pokemon. It was never really known.

Also, Mewtwo is commonly associated with what you would think as the puny Pokemon Mew. No, it's not puny, however it looks puny. Since these two Pokemon are commonly associated, with Mewtwo being a redo of the Pokemon, it's not thought of that often, it might actually be put down due to this connection.

Due to it's unpopularity, they probably wanted to bring the awesomeness of original Mewtwo in another form. (They could obviously just put him/her in the damn storyline, but Game Freak ain't that logical. Like my theory. x) ) Yes - the awesome new Mega Mewtwo! More powerful then your favoured Mewtwo! Stronger stats! Impress your friends with an even stronger Legendary!

Imagine that? That really awesome flyer that shows that (even though it's not a distribution, but imagine if it was) you have to get this awesome Mewtwo so you can beat all battles in your way!

I went a little off-topic there. Hm. xD
So - here, they bring back the spark of Mewtwo once again in an even greater form. Since it was the first Mega Evolution ever announced, Mewtwo might get back it's popularity once again! Of course, Game Freak is doing their best to bring back this really awesome title of being legendary.

They try to bring more legendaries every generation to make even more opportunities to own your friends. Since every one was complaining about it, they thought:

Awesome Person: Hey! I've got an idea! Instead of making the new legendary Pokemon Koh-Koh - you know, Ho-oh's twin brother - why don't we enhance the power of other classic legendaries?

And that was why the made it. :3
I think I supported this well, so Hope I helped. :)

mew puny? :O
You've earned my nothing :C
Cheers for helping but it doesn't really answer my question I can totally understand why they would want to bring Mewtwo back I mean star of the First Pokémon Movie, star of Two TV Specials, power fullest Pokémon in Generation 1, and immensely popular. But I don't understand why they would rather create a brand new Mewtwo instead of having the original Mewtwo come back.
KnightofDragon, I never said that. :3
DanH, I'm gonna emphasize the fact that Mew and Mewtwo was normally linked. And as I said, to someone who is completely new to Pokemon, Mew is puny and they probably thought Mewtwo was bigger, yet puny as well. (KoD, don't cry. xD)
By creating a Mega Mewtwo, they are probably losing the popularity of Mew and forgetting about the link between the two. This point would be well proven if Mew were to never be distributed again. xD
And something just came to mind, so I'll say it - they probably want to emphasize the new 'Mega Evolution' concept in Gen VI. If no one knows about it, no one will go to that Mega Blaziken distribution thingy.
So, there. I think I've proved my theory. :D