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I only ask this because the mewtwo in the Pokemon movie (Genesect and the legend Awakened) has a diffrent but similar backround story in comparison to the mewtwo in the first movie and it has a different voice as well.

I'm thinking its a different Mewtwo!

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I'm thinking they might make another movie with mega mewtwo X and mega mewtwo Y fighting each other if they are diffrent.
MMewtwo Y would kick MMewtwo X's butt, just saying.
most likely
well if there is two mewtwos, there would be 3 or 4 of them because of the shiny forms or mr. fuji created two mewtwos plus a shiny

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It has a similar background to the Mewtwo who was in Mewtwo Strikes
Back, but it is a distinct, separate individual.

Bulbapedia confirms that these are indeed two distinct Mewtwo, despite having a very similar past. There is indeed more than one Mewtwo

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Apparently, this guy was able to translate the page and find out that a staff member was able to confirm there were different Mewtwos, one in the first movie and the other in Genesect: The Awakening.

So yeah, there are two different Mewtwos.

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