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Is Ash a zombie? I'm asking this because in the movie Mewtwo strikes back, when Mew and Mewtwo use their most powerful attacks against each other, Ash jumps in and get hit and all the Pokemon stop fighting and "resurrected" Ash by crying! and by "resurrecting" Ash, I think he is now a zombie

Turned into a rock? Pffff. He got possessed by the Prison Bottle. (Equivalent of Hoopa Unbound itself.) I mean, could you imagine getting possessed by this thing: https://img00.deviantart.net/3f61/i/2015/201/a/9/hoopa_unbound_by_roevchan-d923lqm.jpg Oh and, ignore the Watermark.
*Plays Fall Out Boy - Immortals* HE IS IMMORTAL!!!
Ash dies in I Choose You as well, but he's immortal so he comes back again.
He died in Temple of the Sea.

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Ash isn’t a Zombie, why?
Well... if I’m honest, I watched the scene over and over again to think of logic to it. This isn’t a perfect answer but still, so after consulting a ‘Pirates Express’ episode which involves medusa turning some one to stone they went to get a cure for it. The cure for this was tears which brought him back to life. He was revived. So, logically he is either immortal or his friends always bring him back to life.

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Anime logic, is also in play here.