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its on now, and I Would Assume Sinnoh, but they're saying its James' home town wich is Kanto Right? also the people are using Kanto pokémon like Growlithe and Vileplume.


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It's definitely Sinnoh
This is because Ash & Dawn appear on their way to Daybreak town, and find the treasure chest along the way.
Also, James's hometown is unknown according to Bulbapedia and everything, so no garuntees there. And in regards to Growlithe/Vileplume, errm. Jame's childhood? xD Not sure

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Well, I know for a fact that James' hometown is in Kanto as it is in a Season 1 episode.
hmm. his really rich and stuff, so he might have been born in kanto but spent his childhood in sinnoh? :P
Who knows. xD
Because all the characters in the episode appeared in Kanto so...
i rememver the episode in season 1 where james returns to his massive mansion cause his parents tricked him into thinking they were dead and it was a whole trick but jesse and meowth forced him to go and they ended up trying to force him to marry that obsessive girl