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Why are Dragons weak to Ice they look so ,strong,tough,and powerful and they breath out fire. I dunto why they look like they need no weaknees.

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I read a theory somewhere that dragons were based on reptiles, which are cold blooded. Cold conditions are bad for reptiles for that reason.
Mainly so you didn't have to catch someone from the Dratini family to have a super effective Pokemon against a foe's Dragonite in Pokemon Red and Blue (and Yellow). Game Freak is even confused, a person in Circhester says "Why is Dragon weak to Ice? I guess they might just not like the cold."

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Look can be deceiving.

If Dragon Pokemon had no weakness besides themselves, they would be extremely overpowered. You can say that Sableye and Spiritomb are overpowered by the lack of weaknesses but their poor stats hold them back. Most Dragons have really good stats, and if they have few weaknesses, the game would just be finding Dragons. That's also GameFreak's reason for sticking in Fairy type, because Dragon Pokemon are powerful.

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There's also the fact that Ice-types are UNDERPOWERED, because there aren't many good Ice-types, and Ice-types have many weaknesses.
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Well this is a question that only Game Freak can give a good answer too however I will use some mythology and links to perhaps make things a little clearer
dragons can easily be compared to the Greek gods of mythology as they were powerful beings that none could stand against, much like the Invincible Dragon types.

For Ice types I would put a link between Tartarus ( A cold, dark place) and Ice. Tartarus was according to myths the most feared place to be for both mortals and immortal beings. It was a deep, dark, icy-cold place where you could find no comfort. Using your hypothesis with the link of dragons and gods Tartarus is just the same thing for the Greek gods. Zeus himself didn't have much to say when it came to the Tartarus.
So just like the Tartarus was feared by even the gods, I would say that other then itself, the Dragon types only weakness was Ice (until gen VI). However not every type is hit supereffectively by Ice types. For this I would say since not all mortal beings have much to lose in the Tartarus, not all will equally be effected, whereas a God or Titian banished to the Tartarus will be rendered powerless (KO'd)

This explanation does sound weird, I know but it is merely just my Hypothesis

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+1 just cuz of the mythology.
What is Tartarus?
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Well, I guess it's because dragons usually fly, and ice will slow them down. Kind off like flying types. Besides, Dragons couldn't be made too powerful, or the game would become unfair.