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a roar breaker is a pok that easily takes down a Pokemon which keeps on using roar.
i am thinking choice scarf terrakion? with close combat?

please help me!

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A pokemon who Roars other out is called a "Phazer".

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Any Pokémon Who Knows Taunt.

Roar has -5 Prority so your Taunt will always go first, then The Foe Can't Use Roar, Cuz its Taunted :3

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A Pokemon with Magic Bounce.

Espeon, Natu, Xatu¨

Magic Bounce, bounces the roar to the Pokemon that used it. So your opponent will switch out instead of you. :D

Thats so cool :D
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Do you mean just any old roar user, or a Prankster Copycat Riolu?

For any roar/ whirlwind user, either Taunt or Magic Bounce will work like said above.

For the Riolu, you need Protect, a Magic Bounce Pokemon, something with a priority move like Mach Punch, or another Prankster.