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So I had a emboar in white and I passed it on to white 2. I bred it with a ditto and got a tepig somehow. The tepig, or should I say pignite now, is now currently level 22 and I used the audino method to level it up. Here are the stats as follows
Characteristic-Quick Tempered
Unless that audino gave me EV's, I have no EV's

So my concern is that when I go on IV calculators it says my attack is too high pretty much. Is this just cheap IV calculators or something I don't know about it.

Or did EV's transfer from my emboar?

All Pokemon give EVs. Every. Single. One.
Audino gives 2HP EV's each time you defeat one.
So this means if the pokemon gets xp, even if it didnt kill, it still gets EV's?

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The problem is that you need to know what the EVs are to figure out the IVs, and vice versa. You input 0 EVs to find out the IVs when you obviously got some somewhere so that's why it doesn't look right.

And btw, EVs don't pass down through breeding, battling Pokemon give you different EVs in different amounts according to the Pokemon you battle. For example, Audino gives 2 HP Evs every time you defeat one. :]

Source: Experience and I tested it on Showdown ;)

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The Attack IV's are probably really high, as Audino does not give off EV's in Attack.

Hope this helps!