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I've been trying to breed a Male Chimchar with a Ditto with Imposter so I can obtain a Chimchar with its HA being Iron Fist.

In the beginning of this project; I recall that I had the Ditto holding a Power Bracer to pass down the Attack stat as the offspring's Perfect IV and the Destiny Knot for the other parent. I haven't obtain any with the Adamant Nature but I do have Pokemon in the same Breeding Group that do.

I even tried breeding with a Female Chimchar with its standard ability to breed with a Male Fennekin with its HA being Magican, still no Chimchar with Iron Fist.

So far I've got a box full of Chimchars with all of them having their standard ability. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or I'm just unlucky...

I've also considered looking for a Female Chimchar with its HA in the GTS but that didn't provide me any good leads...Also, I don't have access to many Friend Safaris, just have three and none of them interest me...

So in the end I'm kinda feeling stuck... =\

Help and advice be very much appreciated. =]

You can't use a HA Ditto to get HA on other pokemon. Your best bet is to trade for a  HA Chimchar, or take your chances on the GTS.
Friend Safaris don't have HA Chimchars btw, so don't try to look fr them.

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Hidden Abilities don't really work like that.

To get an Iron Fist Chimchar, you must do either of the following:

  • Get it from someone else.
  • Breed a female Chimchar with Iron Fist with another member of it's egg group or Ditto.
  • Breed a mle Chimchar with Iron Fist with a Ditto (only in Gen 6 games)

So that effectively means that you should already have a Chimchar with Iron Fist to breed it into another Chimchar.

Hope I helped!