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I bred my HA Incineroar with an Impostor Ditto in Pokemon Sword, and every Litten that I got was HA also. I tried breeding an HA Talonflame with my Impostor Ditto, and no HA Fletchlings were hatched. Did I just get really lucky with Litten hatching or is the Incineroar just guaranteed to hatch HA Litten? (fyi this Incineroar is from the Diglett guy in the Isle of Armor)

Which gender was the Talonflame?
It was Female

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You just got unlucky

According to Bulbapedia, a Female has a 60% chance to pass down a HA, and a Male/Genderless Pokemon has a 60% chance to pass down it's hidden ability, but only when bred with Ditto.

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