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You KNow This One :3 It's a subtier in NU. Are there any others? :3

Well. I guess the BL tiers count as they are sort of inside the tier that the Pokemon in them can be used in.
NFE Too? whatd'you think?
NFE isn't a tier, it just stands for Not Fully Evolved. A substantial number of them are used in NU, but they have no tier of their own, like PU.

BL and BL2 are essentially subtiers of OU and UU, since you can't use anything in BL in UU or BL2 in RU.
Be aware that tiers aren't a Pokemon-official thing, and so there could be plenty of them in the world - Smogon isn't part of the Pokemon company, it's a fan site relating to competitive battling.

So, there are probably plenty of subtiers.
ik what nfe is... and it kinda is a subtier, nu lc hybrid!?!

good point <v^.....

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It really depends on your preference. I count the BL tiers as sub tiers, but not everyone does.

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