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I want to teach my Pokemon, but what IV spread will get me it. I tried the formula, but I can't do it. Help!


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Well, it's not like you can just set IVs (unless you're using a Pokemon editing program). Also, it's not possible just to say what IV spread will give what HP, because different IV spreads will give the same HP. If you're using an editing program, go here, and the table below will show the highest IV spread for each HP type.

If you want HP Ice, you simply need to keep soft-resetting/ breeding over and over again until the Pokemon hatches with HP Ice. If this is Pokemon BW/ B2W2, you can check the hidden power as soon as you hatch the egg by going to the PKMN center in Mistralton City/ the PWT and asking the HP checker.

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I am using pokegen,  sorry I didn't mention it
Edited it while you said that; go to the link, and there's a table with the highest IV spread for each HP type. Just use the highest IVs since you're using an editing program.
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the first answer to this question is pretty nice. I haven't tried it out but it might be more reliable than breeding over and over.