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OK so I did the maths myself, prepared by collecting modest abras in soulsilver, and wrote every possible stats suicune could have with hp electric power 70.
but I made a big mistake
personality values reach are filled at level 100 not lv 40, so I was wandering, what percentage of personality values is used at lv 40, if possible I would like the answer to contain all possible combos but I can do that myself.
much appreciated.
yours indubitably,
ps, this is in gen 4

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Why does it matter for lv40 if it is 100% at lv100? Are you even planning on levelling it to 100?
Good point Sapphy
it should be the same all the way through 40 to 100
Unless youre doing competitive with a lv40 fsr, you should just level it to 100 and find the IVs then, its easier

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This entire question confuses me (how can you know the Hidden Power type/base stat but not know the IVs?), but I'll try my best to answer this anyway. Not sure which question you want answered, so I'll answer both to the best of my ability.

By the way, if all you want to know is what your Suicune's potential IVs are based on the fact it has Hidden Power Electric with base 70, you don't need to know what percentage of the IVs is included at level 40. Level doesn't affect IVs (outside of stat calculation), thus it doesn't affect Hidden Power.

"What are the stats of a wild lv 40 suicune if it had hidden hp elct power 70?"

If you're talking about actual stats, I need more information to answer that. Just the level and Hidden Power is nowhere near enough. All it gives me is a rough idea of what the stats would look like based on the level, and a few possibilities for IVs. Given how you can you go look up your Pokemon's stats in-game in two seconds, however, I'll assume you're actually talking about IVs, not stats. In that case...

If you're correct in saying Suicune's Hidden Power is base 70 Electric, here are the possibilities for its IVs (HP/Atk/Def/SAtk/SDef/Spd):


As mentioned in the existing answer, level doesn't affect the actual IV values, but it does affect how many of them are added to the total. So at level 100, you'll have all the IV points on your Pokemon, but if it's not level 100, not all of them are included. This is caused by the stat formulas below, which multiply IVs along with base stats and EVs by the Pokemon's level. The lower the level, the lower the result, the lower the effect from base stats, IVs and EVs is.

As you'll notice, HP's formula is a bit different - there's an extra 100 added at one point - which is why you'll notice the HP stat always appears to be bigger than the others.

enter image description here
enter image description here

If you want me to calculate your Suicune's stats based on those formulas, I'll need Suicune's Nature and each stat's EVs. Although, as mentioned before, I don't know why you'd need me to do that when you can go look it up in your game.

Source for IVs based on Hidden Power

what percentage of personality values is used at lv 40

Once again, I'm going to assume you're talking about IVs, not personality values. PVs have nothing to do with a Pokemon's level or Hidden Power for that matter. PVs determine gender, shiny Pokemon and other things, while IVs are the points from 0-31 I've been talking about this whole time.

As mentioned, you don't need to know the answer to this to know your Pokemon's IVs (level doesn't change the actual IV value outside of stat calculation), but I'll answer this anyway in case anyone's curious.

The answer, quite simply, is the Pokemon's level in percentage form. That means that 40% of Suicune's IVs are being put to use in its stat total, because it is level 40.

What I did was took the stat formula, and assumed that the value of "base" (the stat's base e.g. Suicune's base Special Attack is 90) was 0 and assumed that Suicune had no EVs. (Obviously the base stats aren't all 0, I only did it that way for simplicity's sake.) Then I added "31" in place of "IV" in the formula. The result I got was 17.4. If I remove the extra 5 added in the formula, this becomes 12.4. Since it is impossible for the base stats and EVs to have made a difference to the result, since they're both at 0, the 12.4 was created solely based on IVs (or, in other words, Suicune's entire stat is made up of points it got from its IVs in its respective stat).

Simply put, this means that 12.4 of 31 IVs were included in the stat total. If I convert that to a percentage, I'd get 40% - the same as Suicune's level. You can confirm this is correct by multiplying 31 by 0.4, which gives you 12.4 like it should. I experimented and changed the IV value to different numbers; still, I kept repeatedly getting 40% regardless of what IV value was entered.

To clarify that base stats and EVs don't affect this (they shouldn't), I tested this out by determining the Special Attack of a Suicune with 31 IVs, 252 EVs and a neutral nature in Special Attack, with its base 90 in that stat also included. The result was 114.6, with the extra 5 in the formula included. If base stats and EVs don't affect the percentage of IVs added to the stat total, if I were to make Suicune's IVs 0 (effectively removing them from the formula), then the result of that would have to be the same as 114.6 − 12.4, yes?

enter image description here
114.6 − 12.4 = 102.2

Both result in 102.2, so this answer is correct. 40% of a level 40 Pokemon's IVs are included in its stats. This answer is identical for HP, since the extra 100 doesn't affect IVs. This exact same rule would apply to base stats and EVs, since they're both treated the same way in the formula.

Technically it would be slightly lower than 40% in this case, since the game gets rid of the 0.2, but that's besides the point.

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ALL IM SAYING is it might not be to loomhigh because what if he just assumes it will ne all 30s and 31s? Im just saying. If you dont know that those possibilities also mean changing them (maybe), I'm just letting you know.
I only assume its a combination of 30 and 31 based on the Hidden Power type and power. I am fully aware there is still the possibility of the numbers being from 0-29 - in fact I mention that at one point - but if he is correct about the Hidden Power type and power, those combinations of 30 and 31 are the only possibilities.
As mentioned in the first line though, I'm confused how he got the Hidden Power's base power, since you need to have the IVs to know that in the first place. I'm not confident he's correct, but I went with it anyway.
that was a legendary and incredible answer fizz, not only did you answer my question (in case it was not clear, I was wandering what percentage of ivs are added per level, I already knew what ivs  Suicune needed to have power 70 electric) but you added plenty of relevant factors to the answer.
I do have one more thing you can add to that though, so in doing the maths, you got 40% all the time (give or take because pokemon rounds) if a pokemon was say lv 15 or something, the solution would be 15% all the time to?
ps, I have not got the suicune yet, im preparing by getting modest abras  with synchronise and getting the right stats for the hp I wanted.
Ah right I see, I'm glad it was still useful though. But yes, that'd be right. I tested this with other levels and the percentage was always the same as the level - if you ignore the rounding.
yay for suicune!
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It does not matter that it is at level 40. When it reaches level 100, it will have one of the sets of stats you have written out (if you wrote it out right) The point is thay Pokémon reach their full potential at level 100, but it's IVs are still the same. It will not have all, say 31 points yet, but that stat its still a 31 IV stat.

As far as I know, there is no exact way of knowing the percentage of IV stats at level 40. However, there may be a way that I simply don't know of. Logic would dictate that it would be 40%, but GF logic and real-life logic are very different things.

In order to find out it's exact IVs however, the only way to do so is keep track of it's EVs, and level it up to 100 and use an IV calculator online.

I hope I answered your question!


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Hes not asking if it matters at lv40, hes asking what it would be at lv40 compared to lv100, like x% of what it would be at 100
thank you for the answer ray, if you can please do try and find the exact percentage or find somebody who can.
I will look around the Interweb Tubes in a bit. If I find anything, I will be sure to tell you!
i'm too lazy to do the math for you but this should work http://www.serebii.net/games/iv-calcdp.shtml