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What items are actually considered to be useful in the metagame and when should I use them?

Life orb

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Choice Items

  • Choice Scarf
    Increases the speed stat by 50%, however limits the user into using one move
  • Choice Band
    Increases the attack stat by 50%, however limits the user into using one move
  • Choice Specs
    Increases the special attack stat by 50%, however limits the user into using one move

Often considered as the most useful items as they will enable the holder to have a large increase in a specific stat(50%). Although it does limit them to one move, a skilled battler will often know how to use them exceptionally well.

Choice items should be used to boost the power of already powerful and or fast Pokemon. They are not of much use on weaker Pokemon or Pokemon who already have a too low stat to be worth boosting. However some Pokemon with a great offensive presence yet a lacluster at speed can be scarfed to make them reach a relatively dangerous level such as Scarfed Tyranitar. However the choice items are often not the most suited items for them

The Orbs

  • Life Orb
    Increases the power of the moves by 20% at the cost of some HP each turn
  • Flame Orb
    Activates the abilities Quick Feet and Guts, however the wielder will receive a burn
  • Toxic Orb
    Activates the abilities Quick Feet, Toxic Heal, Toxic Boost and Guts, however the wielder will be intoxicated

The orbs are often used as a substitute for the choice items should it be that the player would not want to have to afford to be stuck in one move

The Life Orb should always be put on a Pokemon who's intentions are to sweep or to hit hard. The Flame/Toxic Orb should not be put on any Pokemon that doesn't have abilities that benefit them or strategies that suite them

Leftovers/Black Sludge

The 2 items will recover some HP each turn, however the Black Sludge should only be used on Poison types. They are often used to make a Pokemon more bulky as it will enable it to survive for much longer

The Leftovers can be put on relatively any Pokemon, however they should mostly be seen on bulky, tanky and or wally Pokemon. However Bulky attackers will most likely need them. The Black Sludge should not be used on any other Pokemon of any other type then poison type

Mental Herb

An item mostly seen in the doubles metagame will cure any infutuated Pokemon

The Mental herb is an item that it often negated but has great use as it will enable Pokemon who are not meant to attack to function exceptionally well as they will be immune to taunt for one turn. All other types of Pokemon should not wield it

The Elemental gems

These gems will boost their respective type of moves power by 50%, however they can only be used once

The Elemental gems are useful but it is recommended not to use on any Pokemon unless it has a move or ability that can benefit from it such as Flying Gem Acrobatics or Unburden

Lum Berry/Chesto Berry

  • Lum Berry
    Will cure the wielder from any status ailment
  • Chesto Berry
    Will awaken the wielder should it fall asleep

They are often seen on Pokemon that perform the Chesto Rest or Pokemon that can't afford to be induced in status

Custap Berry

A frankly rare item that doesn't have much use except from triggering any Pokemon who's health reaches lower then 25% to move first.

It is a handy item for slow but powerful Pokemon. The most common strategy is the custap explosion which will let your Pokemon move first whiles denting any Pokemon that isn't immune or resists it

Liechi/Petaya/Salac berry

  • Liech Berry
    When the wielder's HP reaches 25% or lower bye, it's attack will be increased one
  • Petaya Berry
    When the wielder's HP reaches 25% or lower, it's special attack will be increased by one
  • Salac Berry
    When the wielder's HP reaches 25% or lower, it's special attack will be increased by one

These berries are often used to utilize the SubLiechi/Petaya/Salac strategy which when used correctly will gain you a subsitute and an increase in Attack/Special Attack/Speed respectively

Yache/Chople/Occa Berry

  • Yache berry
    Reduces a supereffective Ice type attack's damage by 50%
  • Chople Berry
    Reduces a supereffective Fighting type attack's damage by 50%
  • Occa Berry
    *Reduces a supereffective Fire type attack's damage by 50%

Although they can be of great utility like trachy and Brotad said their are rather uncommon because most Pokemon will often be able to use a better item then this, however there are some Pokemon that would really appreciate the 50% weakened supereffective Fighting/Ice/Fire type move. Pokemon such as Tyranitar, Scizor and Garchomp that have such a great weakness will occasionally be holding one and will be exceptionally hard to take down, however they can only be used once

White Herb

This item will restore any stat drop, however it can only be used once

Like MeloettaMelody already mentioned, it is often seen on Pokemon that Perform Shell Smash so that they will not weaken and still get the 2X in speed, attack and special attack stat

Focus Sash

This item will enable any Pokemon to endure any hit should the move otherwise KO it. However it can be negated by multihitting moves such as Bullet seed, Dual chop etc

It is often used as a substitute for Pokemon that lack Sturdy and will often appreciate that extra turn as it will most likely enable to perhaps sweep. It is often seen in Cacturn andShell Smash Cloyster


This item will boost the defensive stats of every Pokemon that can still evolve by 50%

It is a very good item, however like trachy said it is rather uncommon since not many Pokemon can utilize it. It is most often seen in the LC tier, however it is of great use in the OU tier as well as Pokemon such as Chansey and Porygon2 will become bulkier then their evolved forms

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