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okay I'm fairly new to Ev training and have a question. I'm Ev training my beldum in attack and its currently level 1 with adamant nature. I've given it 10 protiens to give him 100 evs. I started to train and I battled a level 29 Tranquill (because you get 2 attack evs) gaining heaps of experience and leveling up to level 9. however it only gained 1 or 2 or 3 evs in the attack stat and only went from 6 attack to 19 am I doing something wrong? cant you level up more than once to get full Ev benefits? please help!


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>EVs are now added before Experience, so if the victorious Pokémon gains enough Experience to level up, its new stats when displayed in battle include the new EVs.

I think so ;o
Anyway, the stat increase is lower at the earlier levels, so you'll only be able to see the full results at level 100. I wouldn't be worrying too much about your Beldum right now. Additionally, your stats are also affected by IVs. If you have bad attack IV on Beldum it isn't going to go up as much as it would if you had a good attack IV

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what about if i send out beldum then call it back, its still gaining experience so it will still gain the evs right?