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So, I caught a Shellos on Route 205 that knows the ability Storm Drain. After checking Pokemon Database, I saw that a Gastrodon with Storm Drain has an immunity to Water as well as Electric (I evolved my Shellos of course). I battled a Whiscash in the Pastoria City gym and Water Pulse was doing damage. I'm so confused about this since I never saw this happen before. Rental Gastrodon's with Storm Drain have the immunity, so why isn't mine working?

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No, its not broken. Because you mention Pastoria, I assume this is a Gen IV game. Storm Drain only gives immunity to Water in Gen V, so Water attacks will still hurt Gastrodon in Gen IV.
Source: Bulbapedia

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Yeah this is Platinum. Thank you, I had no idea that it changed like that (I haven't played much of Gen IV before).