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I like Quagsire way more, but Gastrodon has better stats, what should I do?
I am just about to fight Crasher Wake, and I need a water type (I chose Chimchar as my starter)

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At this point I think I've seen this way too many times.
If you look at the related questions you'll see what I mean --------->
What do you want to do with your Quagsire or Gastrodon? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Frontier, in-game trainers, or something else?
@Terlor None of those questions are specifically about Platinum.
ok but how many do we need when they all have the same answer, pretty much? You know when the question is tagged in game (when it comes to these questions) it's always the same answer, until I realize this thing will have to go against Cynthia. So non of them are about the 4th gen? I cba to look because it seems to me you did.
I agree that how often DB appears on google is a factor I personally consider when on here.

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I think Gastrodon is better than Quagsire, mostly because its special attack is higher than both of Quagsire's attack stats. Gastrodon also makes better use of the choice specs that you can get in Celestic Town.

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I would say go with Quagsire! Both Pokémon are very similar to one another, with Quagsire being used psychically and Gastrodon being used specially.

Quagsire can definitely get the job done with crasher wake and I'm a stronger believer in using your favourite Pokémon. If you're not having fun with your favourites, why go on the Sinnoh journey?

so you can have fun without your favorites?