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In terms of stats, moves, abilities, and such.


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They are pretty similar in stats, except Quagsire is more physical, and Gastrodon is more special. With Gastrodon having beefier stats than Quagsire, meaning it has more Hp and better stats in general.
Gastrodon has the Storm Drain ability which is good for double battles, and Quagsire has Water Absorb, which is pretty good, but it's very reliant on having your opponent make the mistake of hitting you with a water move in the first place.
Quagsire, I would think has a better movepool in general, they both have access to recover, making them pretty good at walling especially with their typing. Howeve, Gastrodon may be better in that regard with its Hp. Both of their movepools are very similar, however, and I would say Gastrodon, with its better stats and all, wins over Quagsire, especially in double battles.
I am not putting movesets for them here, because I would rather have you figure it out for yourself, if that's alright. Hope I helped.

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No problem, Sparky.
Not missing anything *cough*unaware*cough*
storm drain? and if there is no rain? and also quagsire has unaware wich in my opinion is better then storm drain. also I'm dumb so don't except anuthing useful in this
@Georgy Storm Drain has nothing to do with rain being active. It changes the target of a single-target water-type move to the pokemon with the ability and raises that pokemon's special attack, meaning that pokemon with 4x weaknesses to water such as Primal Groudon without Desolate Land active would be safe from a Water Spout from Kyogre (although you are unlikely to use Gastrodon in the same tier as Primal Groudon). Unaware ignores stat changes, which is a relatively situational and hard-to-synergise ability compared to others. Also please don't necropost as it clogs up the site. Thanks.
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Both have pretty weak stats but I would choose Gastrodon. First of all its ability storm drain which drains every water-type move and raises special attack which allows it to take down some Pokemon, or you could just use it like a water absorber. Gastrodon also has high HP and can use recover to its advantage so I would pick Gastrodon.

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Both are bulky mons with the same typing, defensively they have equivalent defense values (balanced bulk, their difference is non-existent when considering IVs), but Gastrodon is tankier thanks to its higher HP. by a noticeable margin. Gastrodon is also faster, though that's not very important. Their movepool are very similar, with Quagsire having considerably more useful options; however, Gastrodon's offensive power is considerably higher than Quagsire, with superior Special attack and almost equal Attack. Quagsire's physical movepool isn't super attractive either, other than Earthquake, which Gastrodon has too.
Gastrodon basically is generally seen as better in Doubles, where Storm Drain can be used in combination with a teammate's Surf to boost Gastrodon's offensive power and also protect the teammate from opponents' water moves, with offensive utility moves such as Muddy Water and Icy Wind. Guagsire wouldn't be as good, as it has lower bulk and inferior offensive power.
However, Guagsire has access to Unaware, which is a very useful ability. Thanks to it, it can wall setup sweepers effectively, which is why it sees more usage in singles than Gastrodon.