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Hi. I just leveled up my Nosepass inside of Mount Coronet, under the impression that he was supposed to evolve into Probopass but nothing happened.

I was just wondering if it has to be done while holding something or with some other special requirements...? Nuttin happened!

I also have 50 other questions but if I can just stick one more in here that's related: you need a dusk stone to evolve some Pokemon or another & I have not seen ANY. Its possible I had one in the beginning of the game but I definitely do not have one anymore. Probably used it to evolve somebody else? I don't know but I do know that I've been underground & everywhere else about 10,000 times & no luck.


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Actually yes, your Nosepass was suppose to evolve when you leveled it up at Mt.Coronet. Just try to level it up again and eventually it'll evolve.
Make sure it isnt holding an Everstone

Also it is important for you to say what game you are playing but maybe its Diamond, Pearl or Platinum from what you're talking about.
So the Dusk stone can be found in the Galactic Warehouse and Victory Road. You will not find Dusk Stones underground however. Also having a Pokemon with the Ability PickUp may help you find one if you are lucky.

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