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I mean, it only got it in Gen IV. Sableye has a choice between Keen Eye (its only ability in Gen III) and Stall. Keen Eye isn't a particularly good ability, but it doesn't have a downside either. Stall is (as far as I can tell) one of the bad abilities, so why did they ever bother giving it to him? Especially as they went and gave him an awesome ability in Prankster in Gen V. So is there any reason at all to use a Sableye with Stall?

What is even worse, is that Stall is a Sableye-exclusive ability, so they created it just to give it to him.


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Sorry but Sableye is over all pathetic as well with this ability. Stall will only work for one move: Payback as you would go last but considering its speed that would happen anyway. So there is no other advantage, just a load of disadvantages. To put a long story short:


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