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Here's the battle replay

Edit: But since it's mega-evolved shouldn't its ability also change into Pixilate? That is where I'm confused.

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So do you mean the first turn, when mega gardevoir used Will-O-Wisp before sableye? If so, I can't see any reason why this happened. Its probably just an error with the showdown programming.

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I came to the conclusion that there is an issue with Showdown changing abilities when Pokémon Mega Evolve. As you see in your replay and in this one here, Gardevoir retained the ability Prankster (from Trace) when it should have gotten the ability Pixilate after Mega Evolving.

I was not satisfied with this so I tested my theory using a Chlorophyll Venusaur. Breloom should have outsped Mega Venusaur but the results reinforce my theory as Mega Venusaur retained the ability Chlorophyll for 1 turn after Mega Evolving and thus allowing it to move before Breloom. However, the next turn Mega Venusaur's ability (presumably) became Thick Fat and lost the Chlorophyll speed boost. View the results for yourself here.

Hope this helps.
(Props to Kawaii Terlor for helping me test this out)

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Maybe add in the fact that speed boost/loss is not taken into account the first turn of mega evolution, which is not a glitch, rather a fact. That might explain the Venusaur problem.
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Because Gardevoir had Trace before it Mega-evolved, and traced Prankster from Sableye. Gardevoir's almost always faster than Sableye, and since with Prankster it was in the same speed bracket as Sableye, therefore it went first.

Oh yeah trace :P