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I've been having lots of problems with it lately, and I want to incorporate counters into my teams. I was thinking Cloyster, what else?

a strong special attacker can easily counter a sableye....because most pranster sableyes run W-O-W
u can easily 2hko him with a strong special sweeper
fyi cloyster is a terrible counter to sableye...as the burn will cause your attacks to do little damage even after a shell smash
and sableye runs taunt so u wont even be able to shell smash in the first place
u can also use a thundurus as he also has a priority taun and easily outspeeds sableye
that will make sableye almost useless aside from night shade
another faster prankster pokemon such as thundurus or whimsicott or a fast special attacker

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Heracross is the most dangerous threat to Sableye in the tier. It doesn't care about Taunt, and Will-O-Wisp and Toxic actually benefit it due to Guts, making Sableye easy to KO with a boosted Megahorn. Iron Ball and Lagging Tail will cause problems for it though. Victini and Darmanitan also fall into this category, as they are immune to Will-O-Wisp and will OHKO Sableye with V-create and Flare Blitz, respectively. However, they need to be careful switching if Sableye is carrying Foul Play, as it will OHKO both of them. Faster Prankster users, such as Tornadus, Whisicott, Murkrow, and Speed invested Sableye will toalways stop Sableye if they carry Taunt

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Aside from what PB said, Magic Bounce stops Sableye in its tracks,most Sableyes don't carry an attacking move,and if they do,it's usually Night Shade,Espeon and Xatu can take Night Shades and Set up on it.