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I was doing Single Battles in the Battle Chateau in ORAS. I was fighting the Battle Chatelaine. She threw out her Purugly and I threw out my Sableye. I Mega Evolved my Sableye and used Will-o-Wisp. To my great surprise, he outsped Purugly – which is impossible with base 50 Speed and no investment – and Will-o-Wisp went first. I know that it takes a turn for Mega Pokémon's Speed stat to change, but does that include priority from Prankster, an Ability Sableye had before it Mega Evolved and gained Magic Bounce? Am I the only one to discover this???
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They keep there ability first turn so mega mawile will have indimidate when it megas, much like sableye with prankster on the first turn

A Pokemon keeps its original ability the turn it Mega Evolves.

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Thanks for the answer, but could you include a source, if possible?
I heard it somewhere but IDE where. Either bulbapedia or serebii. I'll bring a link if I can.