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After I found out about Pokemon Showdown, I've been testing teams and I love using Sableye with Prankster.

How would I get a Prankster Sableye in X/Y? I tried breeding for one, but I gave up because the only ability I ever got was Stall. Do I have to just keep breeding normally and get lucky, or do I have to do anything in particular to get one?
Please help.

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There is one way, and that is the Friend Safari. Prankster is the Hidden Ability of Sableye, means that it can't be obtained through normal means.


There is a chance that Pokemon from Friend Safaris may have also have a Hidden Ability, I'm positive that the Ghost Safaris have a Sableye. Go into a Safari that has a Sableye, and look for the right ability using the ability Trace or something of the sort.

Hope I helped!

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Here is how to get Prankster Sableye:
First, go to a Dark type friend Safari (if you have one in your list) with the leading Pokemon in your party having trace (I use my Gardevoir for tracing). Keep searching until you find a Sableye with Prankster. You found it!
Another way to get one is asking your friend for one if they have a spare.

Hope I helped!
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If you have a Dark Friend Safari with sableye my Fc is 1934-0977-3895 please add me, but I don't know whats in my safari