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Essentially, I'm making a program that will store information about the Pokemon in the parties you want to create.

It's really early on right now, so it focuses on picking Pokemon and their moves, and then analyzing the types in your party (both of the Pokemon and the moves they are using).
With this information it will 'analyze' which types your party is strong/weak to, taking in to account the types of your Pokemon (and what moves they are weak/strong to) as well as the types of the moves (and which types they are weak/strong against)

There is a LOT more planned, involving EVs, abilities, natures, breeding plans, etc, but I'm lacking a bit on the analysis part.

Can you guys tell me what you would like to see from an automated analysis?
What do you take in to account when making your party?
What calculations (if any) do you do, that you would rather have a computer automatically do for you?

For a better idea of whats going on, I've set up a blog for any/all information regarding this project, so check it out (particularly the gallery for current layouts/analysis/etc), and hopefully this will make more sense XD

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Is this in-game or competitive? I'm all about in-game. Lol. xD
Either!  I'm all about in game as well, but I am slowly getting in to more competitive mindset.  
For in-game based features I'm debating things like adding some functionality for making sure you have all your HMs accounted for in your party.  
Honestly, I'm up for any suggestions.

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For me, when I analyze my team, I mostly look at the synergy and how the teammates support each other, like for example having a good amount of bulky Pokemon along with the hard hitters. Also, I like to look at my items and try to see that I don't have too many of the same items, like for example 6 leftovers. For in-game, you might have to have a part where it shows the EV's of all the Pokemon, to make it easier to keep track of them rather than trying to keep track yourself. Of course, stuff like Abilities and Natures should go in there as well however that's not exactly hard. For synergy, I like to go here and type in my Pokemon and it can show me what types I'm weak/good against.
However, they don't take in any Abilities like Levitate.
For the moves coverage, I like to go here and have it show me the coverage of my moves against all the different Pokemon.
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "breeding plans". Do you mean like which Pokemon in your party can breed with what Pokemon? That's easily solved by showing their Egg Groups.

So basically what I, key word I, look for in my party is this:

  • EV's
  • Synergy (Important!)
  • Move coverage
  • Items

In-game, I look for these (Note that I don't play the Pokemon games anymore, so this is what I would look for if I do play in-game)

  • EV's (Important for Competitive WiFi play!)
  • Natures
  • Abilities
  • Items
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Wow, quite a thorough answer!  thanks a bunch!
And thanks for the links you provided, I knew there were things like that floating around and I should really look at how they implemented it to see if/where it can be improved.  One thing I want to succeed at is bringing it all together in to one place so you don't have to run around to different sites and individual pokemon.

I agree synergy is big, but I haven't quite thought about how to best accomplish it.   Maybe have a few preset 'arrangements' like sweepers/tanks/tactitions/etc and compare parties to them?
And wow, completely forgot about the items part! D'oh.  I'll make sure to add plans in for that, as well as what type of analysis can be done along with your suggestions.

As for 'breeding plans', that encompasses a lot of my future plans.  things like suggesting egg fathers based on what egg moves you've planned for that pokemon and what egg group they belong to.  Also some pokemon have a much deeper 'breeding tree' than simply matching an egg father with the species you want (can't think of an example, but sometimes you need to breed an egg father with a certain move, then level it to get another, then breed both into the next pokemon, etcc).