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I need information on how to switch and what is required to do so.

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You need to swap keys with yourself. To do this, you need 2 DS's, in which you use the Unova Link system to swap keys. Once you select the Link system, select Keys, and all the keys you have unlocked will automatically be swapped. It's best to have the DS's cartridge points pointing towards each other, otherwise InfraRed won't be reliable.

To switch from Tower to Hollow or vice versa, you need go back into the key system and choose Tower/ Hollow as your city. It'll also allow you to switch from Iceberg to Iron Room (Regice and Registeel) if you've unlocked them.

Note that you cannot switch between Tower & Hollow cities if you last saved your game in your game's current city.

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You need to obtain something called keys that can be given to you in from other people that White 2 the same goes for Black 2 if you go to your menu youll see something about key settings go there and look for White Treehollow people who to trade they're keys will send you they'res and youll give them yours ive never tried it before but I looking through some stuff in my menu and I stumbled across that. You can also obtain keys to change the chamber you currently have to ice chamber,rock chamber,iron chamber so you can obtain Registeel,Regice,or Regirock and ultimately being able to obtain Regigigas in one of those mountains (I forgot what it was called)

hope this helps :^)

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