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I beat black tower but two weird things happened, one the boss trainer in the final floor wasnt Benga, and two I didnt get the shiny gible when I went to Alder. I HAD cheated in the Black City key, so i'm not sure if it is that...

ADDENDUM: I only got to level 10, but I didnt unlock level eleven. Everyone treated me like I had beaten the whole tower, and the level 10 trainer I got was Boss Trainer Janna. She is the same level as benga

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Were you sure it was the last challenge? If so, you should have seen Benga.
How exactly did you cheat?  Like walk through walls, or using hacked Pokémon?
please provide more information- like how did you cheat?
wait a sec if benga wasn't the boss leader then who was? the one before Benga is Boss Trainer Iria like serebii states so mabye you made a mistake and you went too level 9  not level 10 or  maybe you went too level 11.
He cheated to get the key, which doesn't unlock the tower in itself, but the entire Black City. He has used an action replay for that purpose. Now that shouldn't affect the Black Tower in any way at all as far as I know.
i agree with alpha ruby; who was the final trainer? and provide more information please
I hacked in the Black Tower Key

THe final trainer was just a generic trainer, i cant remember the class

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Since you said you had "cheated in the Black City Key", that leaves me to assume you're playing White 2, right?

In that case the Boss Trainer of Black Tower in White 2 is indeed Boss Trainer Janna, so everything is as it should be!

Benga is the Boss Trainer of Black Tower in Black 2 and the Boss Trainer of White Treehollow in White 2, however the Boss Trainer of White Treehollow in Black 2 is Jariel and the Boss Trainer of Black Tower in White 2 is Janna.

Anyway you can't get Shiny Gible in White 2, you can only get it in Black 2 and vice-versa for Shiny Dratini. You can gain access to Black Tower in White 2 and White Treehollow in Black 2, however you do not receive the other Shiny Pokémon when you complete the 10 Areas and defeat the Boss Trainer.

In addition there is no Area 11, Black Tower and White Treehollow only have 10 Areas.

To get Shiny Gible (Black 2) or Shiny Dratini (White 2), you must first defeat Benga in the Black Tower (Black 2) or White Treehollow (White 2). After that go to Alder's house, which is located in Floccesy Town and Benga should be there along with Alder. If you talk to Benga (whilst there is a free slot in your party) he will give you a Shiny Gible (Black 2) or a Shiny Dratini (White 2). You cannot receive both Shiny Pokémon in one game.

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yes but he edited after he saw my answer...
check the edit; 5 hours ago and my answer was made 7 hours ago
I misunderstood the scenario the first time I read the question, so I went back to it and re-wrote the answer completely. I have no idea what you want credit for, as far as I'm concerned the only thing that is the same in our answers, is the part where I mention that "there is no area 11" and the multiple parts where I mention "boss trainer Janna".

"Boss trainer Janna" was relevant in my edit, as she is the boss trainer of area 10 in Black Tower in White 2. Whilst Owen thought there was an area 11 in the question description, so that's why I said "there is no area 11".

In retrospect I didn't copy anything from you, I've completed Black Tower before so I know from first-hand experience there is no area 11 and that Janna is the boss trainer in White 2. I did however use Bulbapedia's pages on "Black Tower", "White Treehollow", "Boss Trainers", and "Floccesy Town" as additional references, which I haven't linked into my answer, so if anyone deserves credit it's Bulbapedia no offense.

At any rate, I suspect you didn't know for sure that Black Tower and White Treehollow only have 10 areas because you said "according to this website", users only say that when they are unsure themselves and are relying on the information on another website to be accurate.
Oh okay; sorry i didnt know.
It's fine no harm done, I didn't intend for it to look as though I ripped you off, if I had done I would of given you credit. I generally do include my sources and references in my answers, but I needed to go somewhere at the time and didn't have enough time to include them.
Thank you, this explains it. I didnt know you couldnt get both