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i got the key for black city, and I much rather have the gible than a dratini, cuz I already have 3 EV trained dragonites (first world problems)
is it not possible to get the shiny gible instead of the dratini in Pokemon white 2?


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Actually, yes, but you need a separate Black 2 version that has the Black Key. Then you need to swap the keys.

If you're not lazy, then you can just get a Gible and breed to make it shiny.

i did, and i got the black key and got to area 10 in black city and beat them. but no matter how many times i go to the boss of black tower, its not benga, and i cant get the gible
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No you can't get a shiny Gible from Benga in White 2., definitely not if you've already completed White Hollow and got a Dratini from him (he's not going to give you 2 shinies!!).

If you have a friend who has Black 2 either trade your Dratini and his/her Gible or ask them if you can breed their Gible (breeded Pokemon are more likely to be shiny if their parent is shiny).

Besides, the shiny Gible/Gabite/Garchomp looks barely any different to their non-shiny ones so I don't really think it's worth the trouble.