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I'm on area 8 in black tower and I want to get a shiny gible.
But I was wondering if the shiny gible is really worth it. Please help me!

Well shiny gible looks great but shiny Gabite and Garchomp look almost the same on non-shiny. I beat it mainly for the point of leveling up. But a shiny is also like a rare gem. Shinies are the diamond in pokemon world. Nuff said.
I think it's worth it. Where else would you even get A Gible in Black 2? But nuff said.

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Well black tower is tough to beat but it trains your Pokemon and when you beat it don't you get that feeling of pride that you beat the biggest challenge in Black 2. The shiny gible is an extra bonus

Thanks! But I was also wondering if the shiny gible was strong compared to other gible.
No they're the same power if you train them the same way
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It's a Gible. It's Shiny. You might be thinking, hell yeah!
But no. It's not. Let's see why:

  • The Tower takes you ages to get through.
  • You have to fight big-ass Benga to actually get the Gible, and his team is very....bleh
  • It's only level 1. And all the times I tried to get it I always got crap natures, like Timid and Modest.
  • It will take you AGES to train, seeing as ya wasted all ya EXP on the Battle Tower.

So yeah, if you really want a Gible, go for it! But if you want to fight a huge colony of big-ass trainers and fight some guy with a Latios only to get a level 1 Pokemon who is nearly guaranteed a crap nature, go ahead.

Thanks guys!
Just soft reset to get the right nature
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Certainly worth it. I got the Shiny Dratini. If you say that Black Tower takes forever, I say, "Anything for a Shiny." Say that Benga is tough, and I say, "Get a Lv. 100 anything. I had Scizor and Regirock, so yeah." Say that it's only level 1, I say, "I got my Lv. 1 Dratini to a Dragonite lv. 65 in a week." Plus, a Shiny Garchomp will kill everything. So, yah. Do it.